Allen McPhee

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About Me


  • Philosophy, M.A., Stanford University
  • Professional Development Workshops


  • 5 years experience leading life transforming workshops
  • Designs and creates dynamic workshops
  • Designs and creates active meditations
  • 15 years experience coaching and guiding others
  • 10 years experience training others in self-development

special skills

  • College Professor of Philosophy
  • Well Traveled Global Citizen
  • Master of Meditation
  • Master of Bliss Tantra Yoga
  • Life Long Yogi Practitioner

My Story

Allen McPhee, life coach and consultant


     Your quest for self-development has brought you to me. Once upon
a time, I also sought to grow and develop by attending lectures and
workshops. It has been and continues to be a great adventure for
me. However, along the way, I awakened to my own 'calling' for lack
of a better word. One day I realized that I had the same mentality
and approach to life as the Greek philosophers. After years of
denial and reflection, I finally accepted myself as a living
philosopher. In other words, I pursued knowledge of the world with
a passionate desire to know and understand, while at the same
time I did not have a felt need to publish my findings. This was and
still is a personal endeavor. And, although this pursuit is personal
its outcomes are expected to result in objective truths. Placing all
these ideas together, one discovers the meaning of the word
'philosophy,' which is love of wisdom.  

     After awakening  to philosophy, I gradually came to realize that what
motivates me most in my pursuits were the practical implications of
the theories I analyzed. " Of what use is a theory, if it did not have a
practical outcome, no matter how slight," is a thought I would often
raise during my studies at the University. Eventually, I came to see
that self-development is the most attractive practical outcome that a
theory could embody. This idea became the primary criterion used
to determine if I would pursue a new line of reasoning, attend a
workshop, change careers, or even eat ice cream. Overtime, this
way of being became my way of life. I call it 'Transcendental

     Now, Transcendental Realism is a personal philosophy and so
does not need publications to recruit followers. Therefore, I have
not published anything that details the mechanics of this way of life.
Nevertheless, currently our society is having  an intense pursuit of
activities that promote self-development. Many people are seeking
anger management courses, weight control programs, and
relationship consultations. Others are pursuing wealth
management, manifesting dreams, and expanding their
consciousness. And there are many, many other topics of interest
that are discussed and pursued. Now, since this is my way of life, I
feel that I can contribute in helping people achieve their individual
goals. Therefore, I professionalized philosophy in order to offer
people lectures, workshops, seminars, and even training in
self-development. This website is dedicated to fulfilling this goal.

     Request a consultation today and begin your great adventure!