Allen McPhee, M.A.
P h i l o s o p h e r
"An unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates
Living the life that you desire takes more than reading
books and listening to lectures. It requires practicing
effective techniques that transform your life. However,
'practice' can be a challenge in our demanding world.
That is why Allen offers a wide array of services intended
to empower and support your quest. Mastering your
destiny is assured if you are determined and have the
right support. Join Allen for a consultation today!
The Life Coach

What is life? A question with many answers. Indeed, there
seems to be so many answers that one is tempted to
believe that there is no answer. Nevertheless, the
perceived answer to this question  determines the course,
pace, success, or failure of a person's life. Have you ever
explored the meaning or purpose of your life? As a
professor of Philosophy, Allen McPhee has had to deal
with this question from the perspective of some of the
greatest thinkers the world has ever known, like Socrates,
Plato, and Aristotle. Now, he has taken on the task,
outside of the College environment, of helping you find
your meaning or purpose in life...your philosophy of life.

A well formed philosophy of life guides one in
relationships, career decisions, family matters, religion,
spirituality, health, dieting, friendship, and more. Now,
there are plenty of "gurus" out there prepared to tell you
how you should live your life. If you find one that works for
you, then by all means please follow that path to
happiness. But, for many, including Allen, the guru has
not arrived and waiting is not an option. So, why not
pursue our own philosophy and see where it may lead.

Allen provides professional consultations for all seekers.
Empowering people to take command of their lives and to
determine their own destiny are essential goals for him.
And while providing quality service, he strives to keep the
highest interest of his clients in plain sight. So, if you are
looking for assistance in designing and creating new
possibilities in your life, Allen is the one. This is your life,
so why not live it your way.
Allen McPhee, M.A.
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