Wisdom is achieved through great endeavor.

The quest for self-development or to find solutions to
personal problems presupposes that one have a firm
understanding of oneself and/or a good understanding of
the problem itself. A consultation is a transformational
conversation in which one probes to understand the real
nature of an issue or person. Many times the consultation,
itself, will  resolve the issue at hand. In addition, it gives
one a chance to consider his or her issue objectively  
before committing oneself to more intensive work that
maybe unnecessary. Within a consultation, one
experiences the insights of a living philosopher, the
practical and spiritual nature of metaphysics, and the
visionary abilities of a psychic.

In a consultation with Allen, one is able to design and
create new possibilities for one's life, in addition to
identifying and solving problems. These new possibilities
may include a focus on money, relationships, finding
one's mission in life, selecting a new career, becoming a
vegetarian, identifying natural gifts and talents, and
learning to open to spiritual growth and transformation.

Consultations with Allen are transformational. He
comes with a wealth of life experiences and formal
education in Philosophy. Well travelled, he has broad
interests in areas such as technology, science, spirituality,
mathematics, yoga, religion, human sexuality, and
philosophy. Most importantly, he is ready to learn about
you as you are. His informal conversational style will set
you at ease and yet prepare you for deep transformation.
He is nonjudgmental, objective, informative, resourceful,
professional, and knowledgeable.

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60min duration
"Ideas in the mind are like seeds and grow through attention and reflection."  
-- Allen McPhee
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