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Allen McPhee provides consultations, coaching, trainings,
and lectures that promote self-development as well as
professional development and success.
He holds a
Master's degree in Philosophy and over 15 years
experience teaching in a college environment.

Originally, his work in
applied philosophy and research in
metaphysics began as a hobby. This
hobby gradually became a passion and with the
encouragement of many friends, he decided to provide
professional services. His broad knowledge and
s makes him ideal as a life coach and a leader
in presenting effective workshops and seminars.

Allen has a great understanding of reality,
the mind,
coaching, and self-development. Intellectually, he is
discerning, skeptical when needed, and honest.  In
addition, he is detailed in his work and reliable
Education and Training

  • Philosophy, M.A., Stanford University
  • Berkeley Psychic Institute
  • Numerous professional development workshops in
    metaphysics and self-development

  • Five years experience facilitating workshops that
    transform people's lives
  • Ten years experience following rigid yoga
    principles of living and transformation
  • Experience in researching claims of paranormal
  • Retired psychic healer with fifteen years
    experience healing psycho-emotive pain,
    headaches, auras, and energy fields
  • Fifteen years experience teaching college
    philosophy, metaphysics, ethics, and critical
"Do not walk ahead, for I may not follow. Do not walk behind, for I may not lead. Do not walk
beside, for I may not accompany. For you see, while in the pursuit of truth,
Reason is my only companion.
" - Allen McPhee
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